October 19, 2020


SCNaz Covid-19 Update




In our most recent Church Board Meeting we voted to proceed with the utmost caution and will remain open in our Sunday School, Worship Service, and Wednesday Night Programs in the safest way possible. Our church needs to be a trustworthy community citizen, partnering with others to “slow-the-spread,” and letting the community know that safety measures are a priority for our church. We want to build trust within the congregation so that all who enter feel comfortable returning to worship services.


This update to our church’s plan is available on our website and our Facebook page.  Below is a summary of what you can anticipate for Worship Service, Sunday School and our Wednesday Night Program:


Worship Service


  • We will hold Worship Service from 10:45am – Noon each Sunday.

  • For the protection of all, we will ask all people to use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the building, and we require that all people practice 6-feet social distancing. For the safety of all, physical contact with other congregants is not encouraged.  To assist with distancing in the Sanctuary, we will have some pews corded off.  As of this time masks are optional.

  • If you are not feeling well, or if you are in a vulnerable category for health reasons, or if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, we ask and urge you to continue viewing the online video services instead of coming into our church building.

  • We respect everyone’s personal choices and circumstances as to when they are comfortable returning to worship. While we are committing to  safety guidelines, we also understand that it is not in the best interest for some to return to public services. Online services will continue for all.

  • Safety-Team Members will be at the sanctuary entrances to usher you (your family) to a socially distanced seating area.  The safety-team member will fill the front seating area first and then move to the back.

  • We will continue to temporarily suspend movement between pews and all physical contact during the Meet and Greet time at the beginning of the service; communally, as the body of Christ, we’ll continue to acknowledge each other in new ways!

  • The offering boxes will be located on small tables at the sanctuary exits for you to place your offering after the service.

  • For Communion Sundays, prepackaged single-serve elements will be available for each person (juice and wafer); instructions will be given.

  • The services will continue to include worshipful music, singing is optional.

  • To limit items being touched, all the Bibles, hymnals, forms, and pencils have been removed from the pews. Please bring your own Bible and pen if you’d like to follow along or to make notes. 

  • The Nursery will continue to be available.

  • At the conclusion of the service, Safety-Team members will dismiss families a row at a time, starting from the rear of the sanctuary and moving forward.

  • Fellowship and conversations after the service are encouraged outside the building and while socially distanced.

  • Please maintain social distancing protocol after the service is over keep space as people are leaving the pews. Your patience for exiting will be appreciated!

Sunday School

  • We will hold Sunday School from 9:30am – 10:30am each Sunday.

  • For the protection of all, we will ask all people to use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the class, and we require that all people practice 6-feet social distancing. For the safety of all, physical contact with other congregants is not encouraged.  

  • To assist with distancing in the Sunday School, The Church Board has moved that we temporarily consolidate our 4 adult classes into 2 classes so that we can create more social distancing for our children’s classes.

  • Our two classes that met in the sanctuary over flow rooms (Mike Weltmer’s and Carolyn Peterson’s classes) will now be combined and meet in the Old Fellowship Hall.

  • Our other two adult classes (Ferrill Conant’s and Allen VanDriel’s classes) will meet in the New Fellowship hall.

  • Our Youth class (Steven and Vanessa Weltmer’s Class) and 2nd to 4th grade class (Deb Silsby/Sheryl Macklin) will remain in their same rooms.

  • Our pre-teen class (Kenton Weltmer’s class) will be moved to the south sanctuary overflow.

  • Our pre-k – 1st grade class (Mandy Stock and Dietra Tharp class) will meet in the north sanctuary overflow.

  • We are creating an alternative class for elementary students whose parent prefer the wearing of masks as an extra safety precaution.  The class will be led by Joanna Runyon and will meet in her classroom.

Wednesday Night Program

Inside/Out & Youth

  • We are committing to serving and discipling our students on Wednesday night.  We have adopted the following chart to better communicate our availabilities and our expectation to the families we serve.

  • Each Wednesday morning on our Facebook page we will announce what color phase we are in.  (SEE IMAGE BELOW)



Thank you for your prayers, support, and patience during this time and going forward. We welcome your input as we do our best to serve our Risen Savior in these days.


May God bless you all with peace and health,


Pastor Jeremy Carr,

and the Church Board of The Smith Center Church of the Nazarene

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